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Embrace Your Awesomeness: Ditching Toxic Masculinity for Real Guy Vibes 

19th November 

International Men’s Day 2023 


Embrace Your Awesomeness: Ditching Toxic Masculinity for Real Guy Vibes 

Hi Men 

Let's talk about something significant today – being authentically us, without all that toxic masculinity drama.  

You know, just good vibes and being genuine guys. So, what's the deal with "authentic masculinity"?  

It's like being the superhero version of yourself without the cape. Or wearing your favourite T-shirt and shorts on a hot summer’s day – comfortable and uniquely you. It's about tossing aside the outdated idea that being a dude means fitting into a one-size-fits-all. 

It's all about embracing who you are without the pressure to fit into some outdated macho mould.   

Maybe you're into sports, or maybe you're more into binging cooking shows. No judgment here. Authentic masculinity is all about doing your thing, whether it's playing footy or perfecting your chicken curry recipe.  

Now, about toxic masculinity – we're tossing that out the window. No room for that nonsense. It's like trying to fit a giraffe into a Mini Cooper – awkward and totally unnecessary.  Imagine trying to teach a cat to do algebra – unnecessary and a bit confusing. 

Let’s celebrate the guys who show their feelings, and wear their hearts on their sleeves, and may even shed a tear during a Pixar movie. Real guys aren't afraid to be themselves, and that includes the full spectrum of emotions – we all feel stuff, and it's totally ok to express it.  

Being authentically you means embracing the whole emotional rollercoaster without fearing judgment.  

In a nutshell, being an authentic guy is about owning your quirks, embracing your interests, and letting go of toxic masculinity like yesterday's leftovers. Cheers to being genuine, and remember, it's okay to laugh at bad Dad jokes. 

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