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8 HOUR DAY (11th March)

Today it's a public holiday here in Tasmania, and also in Victoria.

It honours the efforts of many workers to establish a limited amount of time that workers could be expected to work in any week by their employers.

The 8 Hour movement in Australia began in 19th century Victoria. The first legislation to protect workers' rights to a limited work day was promulgated in Victoria and New South Wales in 1916. The rest of Australia caught up with federal legislation in January 1948.

8 hours labour

8 hours rest

8 hours recreation

Sounds reasonable?

The reality check is that many of us here in Australia (and our friends overseas) actually miss out on this work-life balance due to many reasons; some self-induced.

Far too many of us (j'accuse myself) work longer (not necessarily with pay) and compromising time we should spend resting or doing some sort of recreation because "this email etc is important".

Sometimes, as they say, it's necessary to "do what you gotta do".

This should be the exception to the norm.

What's your norm?

Do you have a healthy work-life balance?

If not, what are you doing about it?

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